Gee's Slough Effigy Mounds

Gee’s Slough Effigy Mounds

By Lynn Rasmussen | March 29, 2016

The Woodland Culture people, ancestors of the Ho-Chunk, lived throughout this area from 499B.C. to around 1500 A.D. Indian Mounds Park, just south of New Lisbon is the site of several effigy mounds including a rare flexlegged running panther. The park also includes a linear mound and several round or oval burial mounds that were…

Mill Bluff State Park

By Lynn Rasmussen | March 29, 2016

Mill Bluff State Park has 21 wooded or partially wooded family campsites. ┬áHike the trails, The Nature Trail begins at the far end of the east picnic area. This .4-mile-long trail is a self-guiding. Hikers will learn about wildlife, trees, wildflowers and geology. Part of this trail is accessible for people with disabilities. A historical…