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We are in the process of developing the trails section of this site to support offline functions on mobile devices as much as today’s technology allows. GPS/KML can be loaded into Garmin and TomTom devices as well (see device documentation). We’ve provided a few suggestions on how to download and load map files to various GPS/KML viewing apps.

Please let us know what works, what might not, and suggestions you might have. As technology and various 3rd party apps change frequently, we are not able to keep up with every possibility.

1) Download a map track from JuneauDells.com/Trails
Navigate to the trail you want
See the image below to help understand download options.
1st icon enlarges
2nd icon is a GPX download
3rd icon is a KML download (for Google, not offline)

Map icons

2) Choose the right app, open the GPX file you downloaded. Go!
There are many great apps. Some favorites are:

FREE (or cheap)
GPX Viewer (IOS and Android) Though there is a premium version ($5.49) that says it supports offline maps, we found that the offline function worked just fine with the free version. Please let us know what you find.

GPX Viewer

GPX Viewer How to

BikeGPX free and alerts you when you're off route.


OnX - starting at $30/yr. gives a precise location and has many options. You can also record a track. Hunt and Offroad versions available with vivid detail including landowners. Import the JuneauDells track on their desktop. 

OnX Maps

Gaia GPS - starting at $20/yr to allow offline map downloads from JuneauDells.com on your phone, record tracks, etc.


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